AeroChill Horse Cooling RugAeroChill Horse Cooling Rug
AeroChill Horse Cooling Rug
The AeroChill Horse Cooling Rug: Evaporative Cooling for horses to aid recovery time and maximise performance. AeroChill Horse Cooling Rug features: The AeroChill Horse Cooling Rug, winner of BETA Innovation award 2018 Designed to aid in cooling the horse and helping muscle recovery Helps in alleviating heat exhaustion Excellent to use pre-competition to keep your horse cool to help gain maximum...
Catago FIR-Tech Healing Cooler Rug (Black)Catago FIR-Tech Healing Cooler Rug (Black)
Catago FIR-Tech Healing Cooler Rug (Black)
The Catago FIR-Tech Healing Cooler Rug is an extremely versatile design, great for use after bathing, both pre- and post-exercise and when travelling. It is crafted from a lightweight, breathable material that has a 'foam-like' touch, which is extremely durable and hardwearing.Across the back, over the main muscle groups, is a Synthermax fibrefill with a lining woven with ceramic particles (FIR-Tech)...

Equilibrium Magnetic Back & Quarters PadEquilibrium Magnetic Back & Quarters Pad
Equilibrium Magnetic Back & Quarters Pad
The new style Equilibrium Therapy Magnetic Back and Quarters Pad is designed to promote circulation to help relieve stiffness, muscle soreness and increase the rate of healing in horses’ backs. Recommended for use as part of a back maintenance programme. Contains 4 powerful VITAflex® magnets Removable magnets stick easily to any part of the inner lining Perfect for horses who are stiff,...